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Related post: Date: Sat, 02 Sep 2006 15:33:12 +0100 From: Nigel Dean Subject: Repaying My Student LoanHi there guys, here's a little story I have just writen. I hope you enjoy it and I would love to hear from you: takemypantsoffhotmail.co.uk (I have a version of this story on my PC which I have illustrated with pictures, if anyone is interested e-mail me and I'll forward it to you.) REPAYING MY STUDENT LOAN by Nigel aka PantsJeff and Mac were my closest friends, we had all met early in our first term and while the three of us were friends Jeff and Marc were also lovers. Everyone liked them, respected them and didn't care a jot about their sexuality. Almost three years since our friendship had began the two invited me one evening to join t hem for a drink. "We have something we would like to discuss with you," Marc had said.Normally we would drink in the bar of the student union but that night my friends took me to a quiet local pub on the outskirts of the city. We sat in t he corner away from being overheard and I wondered just naked 14yo girls what it was they wanted to say.Jeff began, "When you graduate what will be your student debt ?"Student finances, or the lack of them depending on your point of view, within British university life are no secret so adult 2 flash games there was nothing wrong with a friend making such an enquiry. I did a little mental calculation, although I had done the arithmetic many times before I always arrived at a similar answer."Adding the student 42a strapless bra loan, the overdraft and credit card together about fourteen and a half thousand pounds."Marc nodded. "We each owe about the same," he said.There was a time when every student in higher education automatically had all their tuition and accommodation costs met and then received a small grant, based on parent income, to pay for books and leave something in their pocket. But such days are long gone, today a student has to pay for all his living costs, a significant contribution towards tuition and received bugger all to put in his pocket ! Out of the kindness of the prime minister's heart the government automatically offers loans which have to be repaid once a graduate starts earning. It is not a satisfactory system and everyone leaves university heavily in debt."And how long do you think it will take you to repay it all ?" Jeff continued."God knows. For 1080p xxx movie ever now they start charging interest as soon as you begin working.""What if we told you," Marc said raising his glass to his mouth, "that Jeff and I both intend to have our student debts cleared within an absolute maximum of six months ?" He took a long swallow of his beer and waited for my answer."I'd say you were bloody lucky," I smiled. As far as I knew neither of them had yet found jobs to go to when their courses finished in a couple of months. "What's happened ? An aging aunt popped her clogs and left you a fortune ?""Not quite but it would be nice. No, we have found jobs that pay, shall we say, very well. Very well indeed !" Jeff winked an eye as he spoke."Thing is," Marc added, "there's the chance for a third guy to be involved and we wondered about you. Better than selling cat food and baked beans in a supermarket."I had been accepted onto a management training programme with a major retailer, while the initial pay wasn't fantastic if I could become appointed to the rank of branch manager the money would be reasonable. The problem was the high drop out rate, not that employees always voluntarily dropped out - they simply had their japanese girls 12 naked contracts terminated if they failed to meet the grade and then prospects w ere not so good. So had my two friends found a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow ?"Tell me more," I said."We're going to stick it for a year," Marc explained. "We intend to pay off our student debt in an absolute maximum of six months, probably three or less, and then to save enough money to backpack round the world for a couple of years. Eventually we'll find our way back to England an see what happens then.""But," I hesitated as I guessed at a figure trying to pluck something out of the air, "you'll need a hundred grand or so to do that.""Probably, something like that," Jeff explained. "Marc here is the accountant.""We'll have that figure each !" Marc added."Phew !" I blew a jet of air from my lips. "And you've got jobs that will pay you that much 3 nudes ?"They both nodded. "And there's a place for you."The only way I could think it possible to earn so much money and so quickly had to be illegal. But then I knew my friends better than to suspect they were about to embark on careers as drug dealers, bank robbers, blackmailers or forgers."Are you interested ?"I was."Come back to our place and we'll tell you more."Jeff and Marc occupied a tiny attic flat in a large house which had been divided into student bedsits. I had been there many times before and my friends always made me welcome."Come and sit at the computer," Marc drew up three wooden kitchen chairs so we could all sit round the PC.Earlier hopes within me began to fade, everyone thinks they can make a fortune on the Internet but dot-com businesses go bust with a much higher regularity than all other forms of businesses put together. Jeff tapped a few keys and a web page appeared on the screen."We want you to promise," he said, "to hear us out fully before you give your answer.""Don't dismiss this," Marc added, "until we have completely explained everything and big wet tits 4 you have fully checked this website out. Serious money is involved.""OK.""Promise ?""I promise." I felt like a small child being sworn to a playground secret What were my friends up to ?The webpage had not been on the screen long enough for me to take much of it in before Jeff 30 and over gay clicked through to a second page. Now a grid was displayed with a series of guys faces in little boxes. Each had a name underneath and some of the names were clearly not English. Some of the pictures had a small yellow bleach 185 english subbed star in the corner."Every one of these guys," Jeff explained, "will earn money tonight and if hey are any good they will make between fifty and a hundred pounds an hour."My first reaction was to think my friends were showing me an escort website, I knew of lads at uni who had done escort work both straight and gay. While they did not broadcast what they were doing they did not keep it a secret. I guessed there were probably girls who topped up their student finances as escorts but I did not know any specifically. They probably were more likely to keep such to themselves.But before these thoughts could leave my mind and exit by way of my mouth Marc said, "This is not an escort site.""OK.""It's a webcam site," Jeff explained. "Click on one of 8 street latinas alysa the guys, any one."I took the mouse in my right hand and drew the curser across the various images. I settled on someone by the name of Arken and clicked on his face. Instantly the screen changed. On the left was a live video feed showing a young lad. He was wearing nothing more than a pair of skimpy shorts. To the right of his video fl studio 9 xxl a chat window showed he was talking to five guys from different parts of the world. The conversation was rather silly as he sexually teased those in the chat room and they reciprocated daring him to do all kinds of amazing things. The names of the other guys on-line now formed up in a list down the far right of the page."Check some others out," Jeff suggested.I clicked on several names 5 mb porn and similar views appeared. None had less than four guys 25 ta life shirt in their chat windows and one had fifteen. His name was Monterey and I stayed watching. Monterey was wearing just a tight pair of black briefs beneath which it was not difficult to see he had become excited."He'll go private pornograph mdg085 yuran in a minute," Marc explained and then he'll be making money.""What's private ?"Marc turned off the computer screen and I was a little sorry to stop watching Monterey. "In nude art 15 y.o. the open chat," he explained, "it's free to watch and to talk to the model. He'll flirt and tease as he builds up the number of guys watching him. The skill is to horn them all up then get one to take him into a private session. Once in private the model will take his briefs off and the show gets hot.""And the viewer pays for the private show.""Yes," Marc confirmed, "1 for every minute from which the model is paid half. If he has played the chat room well several of those who had been in the open chat will follow him into private. Say ten guys go into the private session, that's 5 a minute the model will earn. He has only to hold them there for ten 357 remington maximum brass minutes and he's made fifty pounds !"It sounded so easy. So that as what my friends were planning. I could see the earning potential and if this was what they were offering I was very tempted. I presumed it was a gay website but for five pounds a minute, taboo 1 porn movie I did a quick calculation - 300 an hour, I didn't care. Before I could express such a thought Jeff turned the screen back on. As the picture reappeared he took the mouse and scrolled down the list of names clicking on Ron and Don."These two are always on line," he explained.The two guys, again dressed only in underwear, were fooling about together. I counted the number in their chatroom - twenty-five. As I did so the window went blank then showing a message to tell everyone that Ron and Don had gone into private session."No need to watch them," Jeff said, "for a double act it costs 1.25 a minute to watch and the guys share the money between them. Those two are always on-line and we are 14 yo sexy nude lucky to find them 3 ways fucking not in a private session.""Even after dividing the money between them," Marc explained, "they'll likely make more than a solo extreme amateurs 1dvd effort."Marc shot a glance to Jeff. I wanted to watch the two lads in their private session."Let's check them out," I said. "I'll pay. How do we do that ?"Marc explained. "You can use a credit or debit card and even have it charged to your mobile phone if you like."I 13 old nudist had a Barclaycard that amazingly still had some credit left on it. I took it out of my pocket. "Use this."Jeff picked it up. "Sure ?"I was."Would 5 be ok ?""Yeah, go ahead."He entered my details and we were soon watching Ron and Don again. This time they were both one hundred percent naked and their flirting had moved to something far more significant. I was amazed as I watched one lad take the other's cock into his mouth and suck for all he was worth. Then the one who was being sucked, I'm not sure if it was Ron or Don, pushed his friend away, forced him to lay over his knee and began 12yo in panties slapping him hard on his backside. It looked very painful ! The chat window was alive with activity, guys were typing in and sending words of encouragement, messages of pleasure and requests for new activities. All were scrolling up the screen so fast it was free porn 365 near impossible to read them.The lad who had just been slapped about his bum cheeks turned his arse to the camera before presenting it to his friend. Taking his cock between the thumb and forefinger of both hands the other lad steered it ready to penetrate those delicious cheeks. Then my five pounds credit ran out. I had ignored the earlier prompt inviting me to buy more time and wished I had not done so. I found their show erotic, between my legs there had 34dd swimwear with skirts developed a stiffness which told me just how much I had enjoyed it all. We hadn't watched any of the guys in private solo shows but I guess these involved wanking and perhaps sticking a dildo or two up the arse. For 5 a minute I'd have no problem doing that ! The whole bloody world could watch if it wanted to ! I quickly confirmed this to Jeff and Marc."How do you get involved ?" I asked.Jeff explained the technical requirements. I had a good PC and there was a Broadband Internet connection at my student apartment. I had 6 inch penis almost decided I would keep it on when I left uni and started work, at least for a while. I didn't have a webcam but I'd bash the credit card again and get one."You'll need a face pic," Jeff said, "we can do that in a bit for you and upload a extreme anal fisting 17 profile to the site. You'll receive a password by e-mail to let you log your webcam into the site." He looked at Marc and thoughts silently passed between them."So you two will do duo shows like that," I said, "and I can offer solo."Again the two looked at one another and again there was a transfer of thoughts. It was Marc who then spoke."If that's what you would like it would be great," he said and then hesitated for a while. "But there is a way to earn more money, a whole lot more money !"I think I looked puzzled."You saw how many guys were watching the two in their private session," Marc continued.I nodded. I wished we had been able to watch more of it."So just imagine," Marc lowered his voice, "how many would watch a threesome and how much money could be made.""Yeah, I suppose....." Then the penny dropped. My stomach tightened. "Shit...you mean..." My finger pointed first at Marc, then to Jeff and finally at myself. "Bloody hell !"I think in telling my story that I have made it clear that I found watching the two lads on the webcam something of a turn on. I would have described my sexuality at the time, had 8th street latinas doris I been required to, as curious and that brief webcam show had certainly aroused my curiosity. I was excited with the prospect sexy 12yo cuties of offering my own webcam shows and earning some serious money but there was some confusion in my mind as I considered exactly what my friends were proposing."We'll be gentle with you," Marc grinned.To be perfectly honest I wasn't sure if I wanted them to be gentle with me or not. There then followed a brief time when nobody quite knew what to say. Marc and Jeff looked at each other and I entered a daze. Money is a great motivator, what my friends had shown me looked to be a passport to wealth, better than a supermarket training scheme and I certainly found the idea intriguing if that is the right word. How much money could I make ? How quickly ? A million and more questions swirled round in my brain and eventually spilled out into words."What would you do with me ?" I asked clumsily."Would you be up for nude wrestling ?" Jeff asked.That wouldn't be a problem."And three-way mutual wanking ?"Yeah I'd do that."Remember how the lad on cam spanked his friend's backside" Marc added. "You can spank me like that if you like."Yes, I would like that."Would you suck us and let us suck you ?"I thought I could do t hat as well."And..." Jeff began but Marc, perhaps sensing I needed time to digest these proposals before anything more advanced was suggested interrupted."We need to consider the tax implications," he said. "If the Chancellor of the Exchequer thinks I'm rolling bollock naked in front of a webcam then giving him a share so he can fund what ever it is the government wastes its money on he's got another think coming.""But he'll never know," I said naively."You don't think your bank keeps your finances a secret do you ? Any transaction over ten thousand pounds they automatically report to the Revenue and there'll be plenty of transactions over ten thousand pounds in this business.""We've set up an off-shore bank account," Jeff added."The website is based in California," Marc continued. "What ever you earn is paid direct to your bank on a daily basis. The site wires over money at four 2 dick anal fuck o'clock each afternoon, that's midnight our time. It can take up to five days for an international wire transfer to reach your bank but you always can count on getting the money within a week. We've done some test shows and 92 eclipse trans fluid it's all worked out fine."I nodded. So my friends had already been on cam ? I found that something sensuously erotic and for the want of a better word horny."As Jeff said we have set up an off-sore bank account so the Chancellor can keep his nose out and grubby hands off the money. It's very private.""How do 3 some with milfs you draw out the cash ?" I asked."With a cash card at any ATM worldwide," Marc grinned. "We've given the account a fictitious company name - Richard Handy Video.""Richard Handy - Dick Handy," Jeff explained. "Get it ?"It took me a moment but I did."If you decide to join us we can make this a three way equal partnership. I'll keep perfect accounts and we'll split the money drawing out what ever we agree. There's a 500 single limit on the card for each machine in a day but there's nothing to stop you using it cummins m-11 starter in a hundred machines every day."Marc's financial perspective made it sound even more attractive but I did need some time to think."Are you sure it will work ?" I asked."We've done well from the shows Marc and I have been offering so far," Jeff replied. "We've never made any less than 15 a minute and the money has been transferred to our bank without any hitch at all.""Last night," Marc added, "a bunch of guys kept us in a private show for forty-five minutes. "Work that out !"I did muslimah sex video 3gp another mental calculation. 675. "Fuck me !""For that kind of money," Jeff giggled. "Why not ?"We took a couple of face pics and set up a registration for me with the site. I explained to my friends that I needed some time to thing everything over. "Give me sex small girls 14 twenty-four hours.""No problem."A lot happened between my leaving Jeff and Marc's flat and giving my friends an answer the next day.It was late when I got back to the small bed-sit I called home but I couldn't possibly sleep. I stood naked in front of a mirror and admired myself before doing the best I 14 inch cock porn could to give an objective assessment of myself. I wasn't bad looking at all. I smiled as I tried to put myself into the position of a guy paying 14 girls pussy pics to watch me naked on a webcam. Yes, I would pay for that ! Twenty-one years old, almost twenty-two, slim and reasonably fit. Adequately well endowed. A little bit of tan wouldn't do any harm, perhaps I should invest in a sun-bed or even a bottle or two of fake tan. I turned round and twisted to see a rear view reflected in the mirror. Nice arse ! It would set a few pulses racing I would make sure of that ! Bt what would my arse have to do in a threesome with Marc and Jeff ?Still naked I sat at 30 s porn my PC and logged into gays under 14 the 27 july celebrity birthdays site. I surfed round a few guys but did not pay to watch any in a private show. I was trying to compare myself with those who were on-line. I repelled any sense of false modesty and restrained an excess of ego. Fuck, I was a horny bastard. I could maintain those looks for years, ten at least. How much money could I make in that time. A bloody fortune for sure.Still naked I made myself a mug of coffee. I was almost out, I'd hit the shops first thing in the morning but here was enough left to make a drink now. Sipping the hot drink I sat back down at the computer and resumed my survey of the website. Risking further use of my credit card I purchased enough time for a ten minute private show. That done I began to look once more at the various guys online.There were many more now on-line that when I 25 hustler cc had been at Marc and Jeff's place and several had joined while I had been making the coffee. Some had active and full chat windows while others were almost empty. It wasn't difficult to see why. No matter how horny or good looking a guy was if he didn't work the chat, being friendly to all and leading them on people did not stay long before clicking on another model. If guys didn't stick around nobody would take a model into a private show and he wouldn't make any money. I knew I would be able to work a chat room well, very well porn small girl 15 !There were no duo guys on-line which disappointed me, I had hoped to watch them in a private show but after looking at a wide range of models I found Marcus. He was a star.Marcus was a cute pretty boy, perhaps a couple of years younger than I and boy did he know how to work a bailey 44 tainted love chat room ! The moment I entered he typed in a greeting to me. There were loads of other guys watching but Marcus managed to hold simultaneous conversations with them all."What you wearing ?" He asked me."Nothing," I replied. "I'm bollock naked."Marcus got up and leaned towards the camera as if trying to see me. "Nice," he said.Marcus was dressed in a pair of light grey underpants with a black elastic waistband. He seductively adjusted these throughout the chat, teasing and tempting all in the room. He pulled down the front just enough to show his pubic hair line and held out his cock through the fabric and my pulse raced."Would you like to see my arse ?" Marcus teased."You bet 32 sets of twins I would !""If I show you my arse would you take me into a private session ?""Yes."Marc and Jeff hadn't said so but I suspected models could see how much credit those logged into their chatrooms had registered and so knew who to play 12y old boy gay up to.My heart pounded as I typed. "If we go into a private session 16 y.o. art nude will you have a wank with me ?""That would be really nice," Marcus said. He then turned round and dropped his pants to reveal a tight cute arse.Between my legs I was as hard as a iron bar. I clicked he mouse, typed in my user name and password to enter a private chat with Marcus.Marcus slid down those underpants to completely reveal his backside then turned to face the camera. My left hand was forming a tight fist round my cock and fingers from the right rattling over the keys to talk with Marcus and tell him how truly fantastic he was. He pushed himself forwards and is cock filled the screenMarcus had dark olive skin, he could have been mixed race or perhaps from a warm Mediterranean climate. If the colour was a suntan then it was all over. His cock was uncut with a neat bush of black pubes. It twitched in front of me before Marcus rested back so I could see his whole body.Other guys had followed us into the private chat but I was oblivious to them, as far as I was concerned it was just Marcus and I sharing a hot and horny wank. The sight of is beautiful body set my balls on fire and I was pumping for all I was worth. On the screen Marcus was furiously wanking, first with his right then changing hands to use his left. It was Marcus who came first but as soon as his initial squirt ejaculated high into the air I released my own pent up energy houti1 not long to follow my cyber friend.As my credit began to expire Marcus bade me farewell, ar-15 stripped lowers hoped I had enjoyed myself and hoped we could do it again sometime. God that young stud was hot. And clever too, I could have used up my credit with any of the guys on the site but it was Marcus who had seduced me. I wished I could meet him face to face, to do what we had just done in real time together. I wondered where in the world he was, it could be anywhere but I blonde busty 20s could not help fantasizing about him and hoping one day to see him for real.I left the computer and took a shower. After such a hard wank I had gone down but still felt stirred up. God Marcus what have you done to me ? My stomach muscles were tight and my cock was heavy. As the water splashed over my body I thought about 945 newport brass Marcus. After initially wishing we were taking the shower together I wondered if he too was showering of if he had quickly cleaned up then gone back on-line.How soon could a guy cum again ? best level 60 twink The question intrigued me. There would be no point in Marcus going back on-line straight away, in the open chat he wouldn't be earning any money and without the ability to cum again he couldn't go into a private session. How long would he need to wait ? Two hours, I guess that should be enough but surely only two sessions where a model had to cum would be possible in a day. Even dosed up with Viagra or something similar there were physical limitations.Not quite the same for a duo or threesome ! After all one guy alone on cam could only wank as a climax to his show, with two or three there were more possibilities. Sucking for example, it would be possible to fake cumming with a cock in another guy's mouth, who could actually see what it was doing ? 16yo girl nudist The same was possible for full anal penetration but I wasn't sure if I'd be able to 40 oz booty do that with my friends. But aside from that the focus of any activity could switch from guy to guy, always maintaining momentum while we took it in turns to rest a little.I wrapped a towed round my waist and used the very last few grains of coffee to make another drink. There was no milk so I took it black. I did not switch the PC back on but contemplated the possibilities of my becoming a webcam star before going to bed. I did not fall asleep for ages, perhaps it was the coffee or perhaps it was my mind alive with so many, many thoughts. When I did drift off something happened that I had not experienced since I was twelve years old. I had a wet dream. Delicious !The next morning I cursed that I did not have any coffee left. I had planned to go shopping first thing for a load of groceries but I needed a drink to start the day. SEX DOG PORN T8BE Like a smoker needing his first fix of nicotine 3 nov sex trailers I needed my caffeine. I lived a short distance from a large supermarket, part of the chain I was going to work for, I'd get 13 school girl porn some coffee and while I was at it bacon, eggs, 30plus40plus nude picture galleries mushrooms and sausage then treat myself to an enormous fry up for breakfast. Can't do that too often now, I cautioned myself, ps2 naked not if I was to become a webcam star !Even at that our of the day the supermarket was packed and a shortage of open checkouts found me standing patiently behind a woman with a trolley burdened with almost every product the store had available. Eventually she lifted everything out and on t o the conveyor, the checkout girl passed item after item before the barcode scanner and the woman packed all into plastic carrier bags which she stacked back into the trolley. It took an age and I was pleased when she handed over her strip of plastic credit card to pay, it would soon be my turn."Can you enter you under 16 tgp pin number please," the girl said.The woman shielded the card unit with her hand and punched in the four digits. "Come on, hurry up," I thought, "I want this for breakfast not supper !" My mouth was watering for bacon, sausage, egg and mushrooms. Perhaps I would be a very bad boy and make some fried bread as well ! I had a tutorial at ten and before I listened to the lecturer drone on I would enjoy a feast.Then disaster. the woman's credit card was refused."Do you have another card ?" The checkout girl asked politely.She didn't and she didn't have any cash with her. She's gone over her limit and the banks computer was refusing to sanction any further expenditure. Her face began to glow like the warming bar of an electric fire, she avoided looking at anyone and erotica xxx 13 began to protest there had been a mistake but she knew the reality well enough. A supervisor was called, the transaction voided and the trolley taken away to have everything replaced on the shelves. The woman left highly embarrassed, without her shopping and no doubt feeling totally wretched.I sweated as I presented my own card for payment but thank god it went through. As I walked back home with my groceries and gagging for a mug of coffee my mind found its way to thinking of my grandfather. At eighty-four he still exerted a far-ranging authority across our extended family. It was my grandfather who had invented the term Pay-as-you-go. In all his life he had never had an overdraft, never bounced a cheque, never owned a credit card and was never so much a s a single day late in paying any bill. He'd have despised that woman in the supermarket and would have torn me limb from limb if ever he knew of my finances and just how much money I owed.All about me people were scurrying to work, little people on their way to their assortment of little jobs. Cars were clogging the road inching forwards to snatch any space, no matter how tiny, as soon as it became available. Queues bleach 3rd soundtrack formed at every bus stop with would-be passengers frantically checking their watches then craning their necks to see a bus was coming. Mustn't be late, mustn't upset the boss, mustn't put at risk the next promotion, can't afford to lose the job - how would the bills be paid then ? I looked at the cars, they came in all shapes, sizes and colours but I wondered how many were video porno smu 3gp actually owned by their driers and how many were the property of the finance company. How many had their fuel tanks filled by credit card ? My grandfather's words sounded in my mind Pay-as-you-go, if you can't pay then don't go ! The thing was I wanted to go a long way !I drifted through an uninspiring tutorial session but it wouldn't have made any difference had the subject matter been riveting in the extreme, all I could think of was that website and its earning potential. Did I want a life haunted by debt ? Did I want to face the embarrassment when my credit card was refused ? It was going to happen. NO ! I wanted a life filled with fun and carefree enjoyment. I wanted the money to be able to do what ever I wanted, when ever I wanted and andriod 18 porn now while I was still young. Yes, I would join my two friends and make a fortune. I was still nervous although no longer undecided. About the actual mechanics of what we would do on camera I was apprehensive but I'd get over it. I had almost decide the supermarket could take a long walk, I'd not be joining their management training scheme.I caught up with Marc and Jeff at lunchtime and told them of my decision. They were delighted."We didn't go on cam ourselves last night," Marc said.I shuddered. What if they had and I'd found them on the site ?"Come round tonight and we'll do a bleach 11th sqaud vice test run. Your fisting over 40 first performance !"I wasn't sure if I was ready. Tonight ? That quick ?"Well make a few hundred pounds and you'll have cash in your hand in a week's time."Money was my motivator and the thought of some real blog fox 10 dating solid cash took away any final doubts. "Great," I smiled. "What time ?"Marc and Jeff made the arrangements and I nodded agreement with all they said.When I say all doubts were gone I'm not being one hundred percent truthful, I wanted the money and yes I would do what ever was required but I was apprehensive, greatly apprehensive.I didn't have any lectures that afternoon, I was supposed to be revising for my final exams, but instead I lay back on my bed, turned on the stereo and chilled out. I did my best to rest, sleep had not been easy the night before and I 17 y.o. nude girls wanted to be alive and alert for the forthcoming webcam show."Make sure you are wearing a sexy pair of underpants," Jeff had said.I had sorted 8th street latinas shopia a few different pairs out and would try them later. Closing my eyes I thought of how I would spend all the money I would make. I thought of the great 14 yo torrent time I had with Marcus and determined I would be every bit as hot and more as he. I'd show those who took us into a private session what a good time was !I think I dozed for a while, I'm not sure if they were daydreams or sleep dreams that entertained me. Round about three o'clock I stirred myself and made some more coffee. I tried on the various underpants, each time posing in front of the mirror but I wasn't happy with any of them. What time was it ? Coming up to four. I'd have to be quick. Dashing outside I caught a bus to the city centre where I headed straight for the JJB sports store. I had decided I would parade myself in front of the webcam wearing a jockstrap. It was an expense I could not afford but if my friends predictions were right I'd 13 yo nude photos earn some good money later on.As I started to make my way back home I wondered how much money I would make that evening ? How much had Marcus made the night before ? Why was it I couldn't get that lad out of my mind ? Two hundred pounds, that was a fair figure. If I could make two hundred pounds I would be happy. To be frank I'd be delirious !On the strength of those earnings I went to McDonald's to eat. Then via the supermarket where I got myself a case of six Red Bull. I'd drink the lot before going on cam and be so psyched up not only would I elizabeth bbw 5 3 not care what Marc and Jeff would do with me I'd perform like a seasoned expert.Back home I switched on the PC and called up the site. I hoped that Marcus would be on-line but he wasn't. I was disappointed. I looked to see if there were any guys offering duo session, there was one couple but they were crap ! One of them was curled up and looked as if he was asleep, they wouldn't make any money and didn't The sims 2 nude deserve to ! I switched the PC off.We had arranged to meet at Marc and Jeff's for nine thirty and to go on cam an hour later."That'll be prime time for Europe," Jeff had earlier explained, "and we may even catch some early guys from the US West Coast."It wasn't easy killing time. I showered, checked myself in front of the mirror and tried on the jockstrap. Great, it was much better than any of the underpants. I turned and admired how the tight elastic straps framed my naked backside. I began to drink the Red Bull, I'd have three cans now and another three just before I left to join Marc and Jeff. It was a drink I neither liked nor disliked but in six cans there would be enough of what ever crap they made it from to 60n plus babes keep me high for hours. Problem was so much liquid on top of a large Coke with the 18 inch bed skirt lunchtime McDonald's and the coffee I had been drinking on and off all day would require a good long pee before I went on cam.I arrived at my friends' place early but they were ready for me."Swallow this," Jeff said holding out a small yellowish coloured pill."What is it ?""Cialis, it's like Viagra but more effective and longer lasting. It'll keep you horny for hours."I didn't think to ask my friend where he had got such medication. What would it do on top of an overdose of Red Bull ? I swallowed the pill and hoped for the best.Marc and Jeff had cleared the furniture away into one corner of he room. A blue silky fabric had been draped as a backcloth over one wall. A video camera was mounted on a tripod and the PC set up behind it. From a hook in the ceiling there was a microphone."Fixed that up," Jeff explained pointing to the microphone, "so we can all speak to the guys on-line and not need to type in messages all the while. With three of us 17 brazil baby nude that could become complicated. And this is a remote control for the camera so we can zoom in and out but bb8 amber nude probably it'll be easier if we just move nearer and back as we go along.""What f1 porn have you brought to wear ?"Marc asked.I produced the jockstrap from my pocket."Very nice ! Jeff and I have matching g-strings.""Have you decided exactly how much you are up to do ?" Jeff asked."Everything," I said bravely but with confidence. "No holds barred !" If the Cialis tablet had not yet kicked in the Red Bull had and I was floating on air."We'll tell everyone you are a virgin and they have a unique one time opportunity to see you lose your virginity, that'll bring them in by the dozen !""OK by me.""We've got some props," Jeff continued, "we'll keep them off free sex 3gp colection camera and feel free to use any you want.""What are they ?" The question was automatic."This is a willy whip," Jeff grinned holding out a small black rod with a number of leather tails. "It doesn't hurt but it looks and feels dead horny !""Whereas this does hurt, sex anal boy 12y or can hurt," Marc said slapping a wooden paddle against the open palm of his hand. "Applied in American high schools to maintain discipline. Used moderately on a bare arse it makes a loud slap and stings just a little."I was amazed but wanted to try out the paddle on either Marc or Jeff, even both !"And these are...""I know what those are Jeff," I said as he picked up a collection of three different shaped dildo's. The question is where did you buy them ?""Not from that supermarket you are planning to work for," Marc sniggered. "And I've heard that Harrods in London boasts they sell anything, if they don't have it in stock they will order it for you. Somehow I think they would have difficulty with these."Marc winked an eye at me as he arranged some kitchen chairs. "We can use these if the show needs us to sit down at any time. Just drag them on.""It we use that paddle I don't see there being a lot of sitting down !" That was the Red Bull talking, man who needs alcohol, that stuff is dangerous ! I was high.I don't think neither Jeff nor 5 latex skeleton Marc knew how to respond to that so returned to practicalities. "Best get dressed and ready, we can go on-line any time now."My friends were already wearing their g-strings under their jeans. It may sound a little crazy given what we were about to do but I was slightly nervous about undressing in front of them. The Red Bull had not dealt with that ! However, the pill I had swallowed was starting to do its duty and a semi erect cock pinged out of my underpants and pointed itself forwards as I stepped out of my own underpants and prepared to put on pre 14yr the jock strap.Marc and Jeff's g-strings were truly matching and they looked like twins. There was hardly any material at all used in the manufacture and what there was pushed their respective manhoods into a tight bunch. A single thin line each of ribboned material bisected their bum cheeks the sight of which sent my cock into a full erection and obliged me to adjust the jockstrap in order to keep everything neatly positioned inside.Jeff was at the PC logging us in, fuck as he leaned over his bum cheeks either side of the g-string were incredible ! If I got any more horny I would burst."The viewing screen," he explained , "is a little different to when you viewed the site as a punter. As well as the chat window you can see as a model you can see a list of all guys logged into your chatroom and also see how much credit each has registered with the site." I had been right about that."We don't want to get into a private session," Marc said, "until we've got something like twenty-five in the chat room. Keep wicked weasel gallery 4 things boiling up until then."I would. I knew exactly how I would extract anal 2 girl the maximum money from everyone watching."I have an idea," Jeff said, "that we tease the guys in the open chat as to which one of us has a virgin arse ad only tell them who it is when we are in a private session.""Sounds good.""Follow my lead.""OK.""Ready ?"I was ready and moments later we were on-line. The window was different and to begin with my vision was held by the image of the three of us on the screen. Then I noticed how many guys were already in the chatroom, I tried to count but the number kept increasing. My heart was pounding - this was it !Marc and Jeff stood either side of me. "Hi there," Jeff said. "We've got a question for you all. Which one of us has a virgin arse ?" He left Marc and I to step a little nearer to the camera and turned round. "Is it me ?" His beautiful bum cheeks filled the screen. "Or is it Marc ?"Jeff returned to me as Marc presented his backside to the camera. He whispered into my ear, "Your turn next. You ready ?"I was and croaked a whispered, "Sure.""Or is it Nic ?" Jeff said gently pushing me forwards.I stepped forward. "Here's my arse," I said, "I really hope you like it."I presented my bum to the camera and wiggled it a little before sliding my hands across my cheeks. Returning to join my friends I glanced at the PC, there were far too many guys in the chatroom to count. It was amazing how many had found us so quickly. The chat window was ripping ever upwards as guys speculated on the virgin animal sex 368 arse.Back between Jeff and Marc, Marc slid a hand over the front of my jockstrap then moved to slip in inside. "Mmmmm..." he moaned.I had never had another guy touch my cock before, god what a feeling.As he withdrew his hand my two arms reached s46m porn videos to my friends and one hand caressed the front of each. I had never touched another guy's cock before and now through the thin material of matching g-strings I was fondling two. As I prepared myself to move inside the PC let out a loud ring."We're in private," Jeff whispered.This was really it, every second now we were making money.Jeff and Marc each had a hold of 11 dpo hcg level my jockstrap and slid it down, I stepped out to stand bollock naked before the world and everyone watching the show. My two friends ripped away their g-strings and allowed the sight to register before moving on. Jeff stood behind me and began caressing my shoulders then moving his hands to my chest. We were standing sideways on to the camera with his body pressed against my own, I could feel every contour and especially that of is hard cock against my cheeks. He was telling everyone what a lovely body I had and giving a description of that his hands were feeling. Marc knelt in front of me, he looked up and winked an eye before taking my cock into his mouth. Hell, I thought I was going to explode. I closed my eyes and panted for breath.Marc's tongue was caressing my cock, moving rapidly round and round."Is that OK ?" Jeff whispered into my ear as he began to kiss my neck."Sure ?""Do you think you could do the same to Marc ?""Absolutely !"I think I may have said it a little too loud and hoped the microphone did not pick up the word.Marc stood up and we changed places. I watched a little astonished as Jeff began to insert his cock between Marc's bum cheeks then taking my friend in my left hand I opened my mouth b2k tease to receive him. I had wondered a lot in recent hours what the taste of another cock would be, now I knew. My tongue felt the head and then wrapped itself round everything I had inside me. I was floating on air with the joy of this new 2 cocks per pussy experience and employed great vigor in the activity. It would have been easily possible for me to have taken infinite pleasure for hours to come but I realised the importance of momentum, to keep the scenes ever developing and for ever changing scenarios so as to maintain the highest possible level of interest among those watching. Personal bliss had to be set aside in order to ever more arouse our viewers 35 weeks pregnant pains and not allow them to become bored with an activity that went on too long. It was important that as their credit ran low they topped it up in order to continue watching. But still through these thought I wondered for how much longer I could enjoy having Marc's luscious cock in my hungry mouth.My answer came as I sensed Jeff withdrawing from Marc and I too released my hold. The next thing I knew Marc was standing against me and my arms were locked around his chest and back."Naughty boys have to be punished," Jeff shouted then brought the paddle down against Marc's rear. It made a loud crack and Marc let out a yelp of pain."It doesn't hurt really, he whispered. "Are you enjoying yourself ?"Crack !"Ow !""Yes," I whispered back. "Are we making much money ?"Crack !"Ow !""A bloody fortune.""Any naughty willies have to be whipped," Jeff shouted. "Seize him !"Marc twisted free from my hold and grabbed me from behind. I did not put up any resistance. He pushed me forwards towards the camera and my erect, throbbing cock filled the screen. Jeff's hand flicked in and out as he chastised me with the willy whip."Scream," Marc whispered from behind me.I obliged.I saw the list of guys watching had grown to the point where a vertical scroll bar had positioned itself alongside the list. I thought of all the guys watching from their own PC's and who were now no doubt jerking off to he show. Jerking off just as I had done to Marcus's show. Marcus ? If only he were here with us this threesome could become a foursome. Why was it I just could not get Marcus out of my mind ?"See if you can penetrate me," Marc whispered. "You up for that ?"I was and would certainly give it a try.Jeff positioned one of he chairs and Marc bent forward resting his hands on the seat. His cheeks awaited me. I didn't truly know what to do but I would give it my best shot in every way ! I steered my cock between them and pushed forwards ever so slightly. My cock found the place that was waiting for it and I was surprised just how easily it entered. Marc let out a squeal of delight for the benefit of our audience but my cry was of the purest personal pleasure as yet another activity was added to the repertoire of my rapidly fading virginity. My friend pinched his buttocks and held me tight while I pushed in as deep as I could pressing my groin hard against him. Instinct set up a slow rhythm as I moved gently in and out.I sensed Jeff behind me. "This may hurt," he said softly, "but go with it and I'll read your reactions."Before I could respond his cock was between my own cheeks and seeking to penetrate that last and all important primary virginal place. japan sex 3gp porn "Fuck," I cried out then snatched for breath as my remaining virginity was taken away.I was inside Marc and Jeff was inside me. I was sandwiched. Marc moved up from the chair and with my cock still deep inside him Jeff reached past me to grab him and pull us all together as tight as his arms could hold. In font of me was ultimate pleasure, behind me ultimate pain. God would I ever be able to walk again ? Bet those watching our show would never have seen anything like this and if they were willing to pay events could go on for ever.Jeff began to withdraw and push back. Still holding us together movement was from his hips only. I stood there and took all he was giving but the sounds I was emitting were of genuine pain interwoven with pleasure, there was no acting from me. How long had we been performing ? I didn't have a clue. I was in a world of my own, a world enhanced by the Red Bull and what ever that pill was but uncensored 12yo 13yo one primarily supported by 4 seasons sex positions uncontaminated sexual pleasure. We had been through several scenes and I had well and truly lost my virginity.What next, I wondered.As if sensing my thoughts Jeff gave the answer. This time he didn't whisper but spoke loud enough for the microphone to relay his words trough cyber space to all who wanted to hear. "OK all you guys watching us, time for a wank. You all jerk with us and let's see how hard we can all cum."Once again the three of us were facing the camera and standing side by side. My cock was harder than it tiny 13 yo had ever been before in my life, all the Red Bull and that little yellow pill had turned it into a rod of forged hardened iron. My fist nudist family 12yo picture was furiously moving up and down its length, I swear it had grown from the normal dimensions I was accustomed to. Either side of me Marc and Jeff were doing the same and crying out all manner of sounds to express their delight. I copied.I was the first to cum sending a jet of volcanic jizz high into the air. This was quickly followed by a second, third and fourth squirt. As I ceased my heart was pounding like a drum within my 2010 chicago pornstar convention chest, my breathing was rapid and heavy. I may have just cum with a force new to my experience but my cock was still stiff and hard. Jeff and Marc came together and free tgp 14yo our show was now drawing to a close."Before we go," Marc said, "did you guess whose arse was the virgin ?"Mine !" I yelled then turning round to give a full frame moony to camera.Jeff and Marc laughed."With t he camera switched off we cleaned up the mess on the floor. Jeff produced towels which we wrapped about us. "We can take a shower in a minute," Marc said, "but let's first see how much money we've made." He rattled the PC keyboard then said, "Five hundred and thirty two pounds."I was just a little bit disappointed, between three of us that fell short of the 200 target had set in my mind. Then he added one more all important little word. "Each !""Fuck me !" I exclaimed."I did," Jeff giggled."We could double it," Marc winked an eye. "Chill out for a couple of hours then hit the US market, there'll be guys all the way from New York to San Francisco. 14 yo Would you be up for that ?""You fucking bet ! But just one problem, I aint a virgin any more."All that was eight months ago. Yes, we did all graduate and no I did not start working in some crap supermarket ! Student debt ? History, all paid off inside two months."More champagne Sir ?""Thank you, yes."Here in business class champagne is flowing like water. I must be careful, I don't want to be pissed by the time we reach Los Angeles. It's an eleven hour flight from London and we've only been up in the air for five hours. Marc and Jeff are sitting in front of me, I think they are watching a movie. The seat next to me is vacant so I've had two business class seats all to myself. For the past couple of hours I've been typing up this little story on my new laptop. It's been good reliving those days. I am looking forward to Los Angeles, I've never been to California before and I've never ridden in a stretched limo. The website has paid for our flights and is sending the limo to pick us up. The three of us are going to star in our own movie which will be sold as a download from the website. Should be great fun and we'll make even more money !The company owning the website has also hired three other guys to appear with us in the movie. Two actually live in Los Angeles, that's Landen and Eytan, the website e-mailed 4 shared sex scandals pictures to us all and I've copied them to my laptop - I'll paste them into the story in a moment. The other guy comes from New York and is flying in to LAX landing shortly after we do. ANIMAL ZOO S3X We'll share the limo and the website girls tits age 14 has booked him into the same hotel as Jeff, Marc and myself. We are staying at a very smart hotel, must be costing the guys who own the website a fortune ! Still they'll save a bit of money as Jeff and Marc will be sharing a 12-16 porn ls room as will I and the guy from New York.Have you guessed ? It's Marcus ! Need I say any more !I hope you enjoyed my little tale - do e-mail me takemypantsoffhotmail.co.uk Nigel aka Pants
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